Employee of the Year
ooc:is meet the wheatley a thing??that were doing???

based on this post! i couldn’t resist!

NAME: Whitmore J Pendleton what a dorky ass name you got dude

NICKNAME: whit and of course wheatley (dun dun duuuuuuun)

BRIEF BACKSTORY: this jerk works at aperture around the 1980s??????? i’m gonna say early 80s???? idk????? and to be totally honest people ask me what his job is and i’m like HAHAHA i have no fricking idea some boring desk job (i put thought into him i swear i just didnt care about that part even though it’s important i guess haha i’m the worst) he moved to the us when he was around 13ish and just recently started working at aperture for not even a year now because he desperately needed a job and aperture needed people to work for them because they’re going down the pooper so he pretty much walked in and was hired

CREATION NOTES: okay few things let’s go fun facts

  • the ask blog was originally an extremely goofy ooc core (sometimes human omg it was a mess) wheatley ask blog that i stopped using and was out of the portal loop for a while then i got back into it for a while and got the idea of making an ask blog for this headcanon idea i had for a precore wheatley that had a boring desk job and was just a bumbling idot who screws everything up at the office and was buddy buddy with a precore rick and omg but i was sooo nervous to get started and it took me forever to get the courage to ask if i should! i was so nervous i didn’t even do it on my main tumblr so i decided to ask on my old wheatley ask blog if i should just remake this one into a new ask blog and a few people were like “whoah hi okay yeah go for it!!!” and i did and thats how it started uwu
  • after that i asked everyone what his name should be!! i didn’t want his name to be wheatley so i asked “what are nerdy w names??” and i got a lot of good ones! i got quite a few walters but i couldnt see wheatley as a walter and it took forever to find a name i wanted to us.. i also checked many baby name websites!!! but then…someone left an ask that said “how about whitmore” and heavens light shined down on my laptop and i was like “that’s the cutest name ever” it’s more of a last name but i didnt give a shit it’s precious !!! also i just remembered there’s a character in atlantis named mr.whitmore and that makes it even cuter (bc the fandom..and milo……..heh)
  • then pendleton comes from wheatley’s original name but you probably already knew that
  • the “j” i made up as a joke bc i think the letter j is funny???? (it’s an inside joke) like try to say “j” and not laugh!! but then i had to decide a name for it and the first thing that came to mind was james ahha how boring
  • he wasn’t based on blue sky. like at all. i was late to the party and kinda was out of the portal fandom loop when blue sky was a big deal and didn’t read it until fairy recently (wow great amazing fic though a+ read it) and after i started my ask blog so i made a vague post saying “wow reading this fic is gonna make running my ask blog hard (emotionally)” then someone asked him “hey what do you think of the BAGEL GIRL” and i had originally planned to have chell as a child in my ask blog au and i made a post with baby chell in it and everything but i still answered saying he had a “crush” on her as a cute easter egg/reference/homage i guess…. and never planned to discuss it again but then of course once i bring in a romantic interest (which wanted to avoid at first) i got flooded with ask messages asking about the bagel girl and asking her out and i was like “shit!!!!!!!!” because i am a huge sucker for chelley and as much as i wanted to avoid romance DANG I LOVE CHELLEY but i was like HAH my wheatley is different than blue sky wheatley!! he’s a ginger and his name is whitmore people will think i have a shitty inaccurate blue sky ask blog or something and this was a totally different thing! what if i confuse people? what if they think i’m stealing someones idea? but as paranoid that i was that people wouldn’t like it i still decided on answering questions regarding his crush on the “bagel girl” and guess kinda made it and her into my own thing in this universe…… uwu i really hope nobody minds this HEHEHEHEHEH (i want them to start dating N O W she can move in and like help fix up his nasty ass apartment c ute)

FAVORITE THING: god i don’t know how to answer this??????? i like that he’s friends with rick….thats………my favorite thing…


  • he’s still selfish and can be a huge jerk even if he doesn’t even notice his actions (which might even be the worst part) he can be rude and is terrible at socializing with people. he also has trouble owning up to his own stupid mistakes. he’s cute and awkward and has a pet cat yeah yeah whatever but sometimes i worry like “am i making this asshole too cute and sympathetic????” because he hasnt really had the opportunity to show his flaws outside of being clumsy, a coward, awkward and a total moron well… UNTIL NOW yes it finally happened recently and i was like YESSSSS..s.ss.s.s…. (also i’m not a great writer/rper and i’m really trying to do my best here ehhehe i just draw!!) sure he’s lovable and yes terrible things happen to this guy and it’s tragic and junk but he isn’t a 100 percent perfect angel person he’s still wheatley! and wheatley has some serious serious flaws. (that i would like to get into more heheh) he isn’t evil muahahaha glados body wheatley he’s just some average joe and just now he’s starting to realize that aperture is a hellhole. he would never imagine hurting anyone  and cares about the people he’s friends with. but………..let’s put it this way……. he wouldn’t take a bullet for anyone. he wouldn’t admit this but as much as he wants friends he really only wants to look out for himself. but he’s still a cutie pie… just….a really flawed cutie pie!?
  • i’m still trying my best to run the blog i just wont be able to do it every day and stuff because i’m pretty busy with school and other stuff and more involved with other fandoms now but i still run it because i don’t want it to die and i still really like running it!!!!!!!! i’m planning on doing a nice big comic post when i decide to end magic anon core wheatley EEHHEHEHEHEH
  • just because i don’t answer your question doesn’t mean i don’t like you or i’m ignoring you! there are just some types of questions i don’t answer or i havent answered it yet!! so don’t send the same thing twice or take me not answering something personally pleeeassee!!
  • PSSSSSSSST he actually really loves the soccer mom mug rick gave him even as a gag gift it’s actually his favorite mug in the world because of the sentimental value of it coming from a real friend (he doesnt make very many friends) rick forgot he ever gave it to him DON’t TELL IT’s A BIG SECRET HE’S TSUNDERE ABOUT HIS SOCCER MOm MUG
  • also thank you so much for supporting me with this and asking questions!!!!!!! ;u; no really it means a lot to me, i was so scared about starting this blog and tbh answering questions and roleplaying makes me anxious because i worry people will hate what i do but omg thanks for the support like any time someone draws him or my regular android wheatley or says they like my ask blog or includes him in a wheatley baffle or j-just omg i feel my heart just flutter out of my body and to the heavens because i know i’m not super involved with the portal fandom these days and even when i was i didn’t contribute anything great and i’m super shy and wow this is getting personal but what i mean is IT MEANS A LOT TO ME OK???? guys u rock ;A;

rock on 

ps i’ll update and wrap up the core wheatley thing asap

No no no Wheatley! "Lady Killer" is just an expression. I mean he attracts ladies.

Oh! Well, I haven’t met any Adventure Cores. Actually, I haven’t met any other cores yet. So um..there are… more like me? Cores I mean.

Do you know what ID stands for?

Well.. No, I don’t. But it must mean something real great and important!

Wheatley, I have a magical device that will allow me to unhook you from the rail without you dying. *Holds up what looks like a modified coat hanger* I know they don't want you to get unhooked, but I can assure you that since it's my idea you'll be perfectly fine. We could go exploring.

Magic? That’s ridiculous! I-I don’t know.. They told me never EVER to disengage myself from this rail unless, they told me to.. I don’t need to go exploring, I’m happy here! Really!

ID Core, what is your favorite thing to do?

It *is* you! I'd recognize that stupid accent anywhere! And didn't the Bagel Girl used to call you "Wheatley"? You at least remember her, right? Then again.. Maybe it's best if you don't remember.

Stupid…? I’m not stupid! They told me I was perfect! Perfect! You clearly must be mistaken. Also, no. No, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

What are your thoughts on bagels?


Oh and hey, have yo seen that new Adventure Core lying around anywhere? I hear he's a real lady killer.

He KILLS ladies?!!? That’s awful!

Do you remember anything about a lady who sells bagels? Or a man named Rick?

Hm….No, sorry!

Hm… I don’t know actually! It uh.. It sort of…

It sort of came to me!